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授权书 英文

授权书 在英文中有两种形式,即Letter of Authorization (LOA) ,比较通用,招标投标书翻译时用这个。 另一个是Power of Attorney (POA),使用比较严格,被授权人应为律师 (Attorney)

Letter of authorization We herby certify that MS. XXX to act as the only service agent for XXX Company in China Overseas market, and responsible for related business development. Hereby authorized. Duration of Authorization: Si...

翻译结果 英文授权书怎么写 Authorization letter how to write in English

《产品销售授权书》 "Product sales authorization"

授权书 authorization;[法] certificate of authorization更多释义>> [网络短语] 授权书 power of attorney;Letter of Authorization;letter of authority 委托授权书 power of attorney;Delegate Authorization Letter 持久授权书 Lasting Pow...

品牌加工生产的授权书样本英文版 Certificate of authorization for brand processing production

The authorization declared that: the xxxx cooperation, which is registered in xxxx, with its Board chairman xx representing the company authorizing xxx to be the legal representative of the Company ,it will be excuted in the na...

你好! 授权书 Power of attorney

授权书 Certificate of authorization

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